Accident Risk Increases from these Trucking Trends

Although we have planes, boats, and railroads that can all be purposed for transporting cargo, the United States, along with its millions of businesses, relies mainly on one form of transportation: The semi-truck. Trucking is important to maintaining the flow of goods from place to place, but when there is an accident,  that flow stops. Here are the top trucking trends that increase the risk of accidents on the road.

Accident Risk Increases from these Trucking Trends

  • Truck Driver Distraction
  • Parking Shortage
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Truck Driver Shortages

#1 Truck Driver Distraction

Especially when it comes to Semi’s which are bigger and usually filled with cargo, distracted driving is very dangerous.

What is distracted driving?

Distracted driving is driving while focused on something else. Anything really that takes your full focus from driving, and the environment around you while driving is considered distracted driving. This is one of the main factors that determine fault in accident cases. Texting while driving is the most common form of distracted driving which also accounts for 1.6 million vehicular accidents annually.

#2  Parking Shortage

There are Truck Stops that are catered to the massive size of Semi-Trucks and their loads. However, these often fill up or are too far and few between for truckers to find them universally accessible. Because of this, they often find themselves parked on the side of roads or high entries and exits to get the rest they need to carry on shipping. The places they end up parking are not always the safest for the trucker or other drivers on the road.

#3 Trucking Fatigue

Fatigued is probably the worst thing you can be on the road. And for truckers, it is an experience faced all too often. When we are fatigued in general, our bodies are not functioning at a normal pace, reducing reaction time, good-decision making, and environmental awareness. This is a formula for disaster on the road.

Parking shortages discussed in #2 are also one of the reasons trucking while fatigued is so dangerous. The lack of certain and accessible resting points for drivers forces them to parking in unsafe places, or risk falling asleep on the road.

#4 Not Enough Truckers

Trucking companies are finding themselves with less and less truckers each year. This decline in supply has forced companies to hire anyone they can find, and unfortunately, proper training usually gets the least attention. In some cases, retired truck drivers are rehired in order to fill the space, but this can be just as dangerous as hiring inexperienced drivers, because of the deteriorating health of older drivers.

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