Common Causes of Truck Accidents Part 2

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In our last article, we talked about how a passenger vehicle can cause an accident with a semi-truck. In this article, we will talk about how a semi-truck can be the one to cause the accident. Driving a semi-truck can barely be called a full-time job. It would be best described as a full life job. Truck drivers often times live on the road, going from one side of the nation to the other and back again. Even when they are not working, they are likely spending their off time in their truck. Because of this many times a truck driver can get fatigued. Either from working too much for one stretch of time or from constantly being on the truck and on the road. It might seem like a fun way to live, getting paid to travel across the country, but you have to remember that they are doing a job. They might get to drive by the Grand Canyon, but Wal-Mart isn’t going to wait for their stock while the driver is taken a selfie by the cliffs.

Fatigue isn’t the only thing that can cause a truck driver to get in an accident, however, just one of the prominent causes. There are a few other things that can go wrong when driving a semi-truck. This is bad because not only can truck accidents easily be severe, they also stop a product from moving. So let’s look at some of the most common causes of truck accidents.

Fatigue: As we mentioned before, fatigue is a common occurrence for truck drivers. They drive for long hours, don’t exactly have luxury housing inside their semi-trucks, and don’t always have the time or means for a nice full meal. This can lead to a fatigued driver behind the wheel. When we are fatigued, tired, or worn out, we become less focused and less responsive, along with easily aggravated. Altogether a bad combination for driving a monster of a vehicle down a busy road.

Vehicle Malfunction: The average person drives from 10,000 – 16,000 miles a year. An average truck driver can easily drive 45,000 miles a year and a long distance truck driver easily reaches 100,000. That is a lot of miles for any vehicle, and if the vehicle isn’t maintained properly things will start to break. Two common problems are tires popping and brakes going out. Even when a truck is well maintained, it doesn’t protect it from those random mishaps that no one can really prevent from happening.

Distracted Driving: Driving any length of distance can get boring, especially when you are driving on the interstate for an hour or more. It is typically to want to do something to keep your mind occupied. Of course, this has the issue that it distracts you from driving. It is not just truck drivers, either, but anyone can start playing with their phone, looking around instead of watching the road, etc.

Truck drivers do a lot to keep the world running, but they are not free from accidents and mistakes. If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, contact Ward T. Berg today to get legal representation for your case.

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