injured on vacation

Injured On Vacation: 5 Biggest Threats To Tourists

Most of Florida can be considered a Tourist area. Rather it’s the beaches along the coast or the theme parks of Orlando. While it might seem like it’s all fun and games there are dangers to consider. Getting injured on vacation ruins tons of vacations every year. It takes vacations and turns them into hospital visits. How do you make sure your fun getaway doesn’t go south?

Let’s look at 5 of the most common forms of tourist accidents.

Tripping: The most basic of all accidents. It is easy to trip over something or someone. Hopefully, you can get up and dust yourself off. There are times that it can cause serious injury though. Be careful when in crowded areas. It can be difficult to see tripping hazards in your path.

Snake Bites: Snakes are a threat anywhere you go. In cities and heavily populated areas, the threat is largely reduced. If you like hiking and nature walks though, you should always watch where you step. Snakes are naturally able to blend into their environment. You can be standing on top of a snake without noticing.

Traffic Accidents: The third leading cause of death in the United States, Auto Accidents are a problem anywhere you go. Many people drive to their vacation spot. Others will fly and rent a vehicle. Either way, it puts you at risk of an auto accident. Especially when you’re not used to how people drive in a certain area.

Mugging: Tourists are a prime target for muggers. For one they are likely not to recognize them. They also tend to have more money for them to spend on their vacation. It’s best to stick to heavy tourist areas and limit travel at night. Keep your car doors locked if you are unsure of an area. Also, don’t leave anything in your car. Take it into the hotel or keep it on you.

Alcohol Abuse: Who doesn’t like an ice cold margarita while vacationing on the beach? Too many of those though can lead to trouble. People tend to cut loose on vacations. Some cut too loose and make poor judgments. When drinking on vacation be smart. Use Uber to return to your hotel and don’t take risks.

Just because your vacation gets ruined by an accident, does not mean your life does. If you are injured on vacation contact Ward T. Berg.