Defective Products

defective product attorney

There are few worst things than being betrayed by a product. It’s a product, it can’t think for itself. Yet when you needed that ladder it let you down. We bet it let you down hard too. Hard enough to cause an injury. Now you have an unfinished job, a ladder that can’t ladder, and an injury. The problems are piling up. So what should you do? The first step is to seek medical attention. That should always be your first step.

So you’re back home from the hospital now. The traitorous ladder stands still against the side of the house. The middle rung laying on the ground next to the point of impact. Sadly that ladder can’t compensate you for your injury. The ladder’s manufacturer can though. At least if you can prove the product was defective.

So how can you prove that the ladder was defective? There are four key points you need to cover.

You Are Injured: You can’t get compensation if there is nothing to compensate. You must sustain injury from the product. Otherwise, the most you can get is a refund.

The Product Is Defective: Did the product break while using it for it’s intended purpose near the time of sale? If your ladder breaks the same month of sale, it’s defective. If it breaks 10 years afterward, less defective.

The Defect Caused Your Injury: Some people are looking for a quick buck. Make sure you can show evidence that the product caused your injury. By having your injuries be consistent with the defect.

The product was used as intended: Did you use the ladder as intended? Products come designed for a certain use. You also have to follow safety guidelines. Ladders have weight limits. Exceeding them can cause them to break. They also warn about standing above a certain rung. Going against these warnings is an error on your end.

If you can prove all these points, contact Ward T. Berg today to defend you. Ward T. Berg has helped countless clients with their cases. We fight to make sure our clients get the compensation they need and deserve. For a defective product attorney near you, contact us at (386) 409-9004.