Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week: Mostly Safe

Every year, as spring time begins to roll in, over 500,000 riders travel down to Daytona Beach to enjoy one of the biggest motorcycle events in the U.S., Daytona Bike Week. They come alone, in packs, driving motorcycles, or riding on the back of motorcycles. There is hardly a spot in all of Daytona that you can go without hearing a motorcycle engine revving. The only thing louder in the air than the sounds of thousands of motorcycle engines is all the excitement. Sadly with 500,000 bikers riding in one town, accidents are bound to happen. Daytona does it’s best to moderate the event, but they are called accidents for a reason.

The good thing is that with so many traveling, most traffic is slow moving during Bike Week, which helps make for a less severe accident. This is immensely important for those on the back of a motorcycle. With no real protection save their helmet, a simple accident can be severe on the rider and passenger. They may seem tough on the outside with their leather vests and biker boots, but they are just as human as anyone else behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Fortunately, with all the riders around, there have been a reasonably small amount of deaths each year, if any at all. The two largest on record are 15 in 2000, and 20 in 2006. The rest fall beneath 10 a year. Even with small numbers, it is still a tragedy to lose anyone during such a fun time of year. Luckily there are lawyers that can help defend you or your loved ones in your time of need.

Located in New Smyrna Beach, a city south of Daytona yet still very involved in the Bike Week festivities, Ward T. Berg has built a career helping those injured in automobile accidents, including motorcyclist. He understands the toll it can take on someone, and will work with you to make sure you get everything you are entitled to. Give him a call today and get a free consultation.