Road Hazards

Why Have Road Hazards Auto Accidents Increased?

Some automobile accidents happen because of road hazards. While in the ASCE’S 2017 Infrastructure report card, the United States received a D+ in overall infrastructure, and a D in road infrastructure. As the infrastructure of the road has continued to crumbled, fatal vehicular accidents have been on the rise by 7% annually. In 2015, automobile accidents accounted for over 35,000 vehicular deaths in the US. If you have been in an accident due to road hazards like potholes and dangerous roads, you may want to hold off on claiming fault, as the accident itself may have been caused by circumstances that were unavoidable.

Road hazards can be unavoidable while driving.

More often than not, a road hazard will cause damage to a driver’s vehicle. A road hazard is anything on the road that might be the cause of an accident, or damage to people and vehicles on the road. While it is the driver’s responsibility to gauge the risk of certain situations on the road, sometimes it is impossible to react in the necessary amount of time to make a safe decision.

What hazards frequently cause accidents?

  • Potholes
  • Fallen trees
  • Construction debris
  • Grooved pavement
  • Flooding

Accidents involving these road hazards can cause serious damage to vehicles, serious injuries to people, or even death. While they often pop up very spontaneously, the risk of serious damage is even higher. Treating and healing these injuries can take a lifetime, and the financial toll can be even more overwhelming.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident while a road hazard was present, you may be able to hold off on admitting fault to the insurance company. Call Ward T. Berg today or visit our website to see how we can fight for your rights, safety, and compensation.