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A Commercial Vehicle Liability Breakdown

Vehicle collisions are, for obvious reasons, seldom “just okay”. There’s the obvious personal risk to you and your health, but also the added costs of repairs, insurance premiums and other incidentals. And if you think that’s all a bit much, commercial vehicle accidents can cause lifelong complications.

Delivery vans, refrigerated vehicles, tractors, and construction vehicles are typically built larger and bulkier than a standard car or vehicle. The result is that, in an accident, the impact tends to be far more severe than in a normal accident. Life-threatening damage and the risk of totaling your car aren’t out of the question in these cases.

Join us today, for a closer look at your legal rights in the event of a commercial vehicle accident.

First: Florida No Fault Benefits

For Florida residents who own or operate cars, personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is a necessity before you can head out on the road. In the event of an accident, this coverage will pay your injury expenses, even if the other person is the one at fault.

In cases where your injuries are more serious, however, you’ll hit a $10,000 payout limit per person. Minor injuries may also only qualify for lower PIP payouts.

Are You Entitled To More Money?

If you sustain an injury during your accident with lengthier recovery time, a $10,000 payout might not be sufficient. For long-term medical treatments, where you may also be without an income for a long time, these costs can quickly add up to much more.

Luckily, there are specific circumstances within Florida law that actually allow you to pursue claims to help compensate you for your injuries. Scarring and disfigurement, permanent disabilities, or physical handicaps, and, of course, death, are all considered more extreme injuries. Injured parties, in these cases, may legally pursue liability claims from the other party.

Your Legal Rights

In an accident with a commercial vehicle, you have an essential set of basic rights and responsibilities. Your insurance provider, typically, will assist you in making a claim to the full extent of your legal rights. Claims can (and often do) help pay medical bills, cover lost wages, and compensate you for personal and emotional damages.

You’ll also need to investigate the other party’s liability. Police reports and eye witness statements will help to establish this, as well as onsite investigations and other available information.

Hire A Professional To Help With Your Commercial Vehicle Accident Case

A vehicle accident of any shape or size is always a bad thing, and navigating the legal process of getting compensated can be tricky, to say the least. This is why a qualified attorney with a working knowledge of your legal rights can make all the difference.

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