Slip & Fall: Keep It In Comedy

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The most basic of all comedy maneuvers is the slip & fall. We can’t help but chuckle when someone steps on a banana peel and goes flying up into the air. They land with a loud smack and everyone laughs.

One thing that we often don’t see in these scenes is the preparation behind it. The person that slips and falls has years of experience learning to do it the right way. There is likely a mat beneath them off camera when they fall on their back. The right camera angles help disguise the fact that he didn’t actually fall and smack the ground.

In real life, if someone slips and falls with a loud smack it’s likely far less comedic. They don’t have stunt crews following them around. When they hit that floor they have a good chance to sustain some sort of injury. Rather it is a painful bruise or a fractured bone they are not going to be laughing.

Falls account for over 8 million hospital visits every year. Of that 8 million falls around 1  million come from slip & falls. Among older adults, most fractures are caused by falls. Slip & falls are also the main cause of worker compensation cases. It might not seem like such a drastic situation to slip and fall on the floor. Many times it really isn’t all that serious. I’ve had my fair share of falls without issue. I can also tell you my neighbor fell on her front walkway once and broke her hip.

It can be difficult to completely cut every slip & fall risk. Reducing the chance as much as possible is definitely something to work toward. Use proper signage around wet floors. Ensure cleaning equipment is always put away. Don’t leave anything in the middle of walkways. These small things can save someone injury and save you from a lawsuit. This isn’t only for business owners either. If someone slips & falls in your home because of your negligence you might be responsible.

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