Medical Malpractice in Assisted Living

When it comes to the term medical malpractice, most people think about a doctor messing up doing a surgery or misdiagnosing a patient, but the term isn’t just limited to that one scenario. There are several ways that medical malpractice can occur, and not all of them are in a hospital. They don’t even have to be done in a medical facility, just by a medical practitioner, including nurses who assist patients in their homes. One place many wouldn’t think of seeing medical malpractice besides in their homes, is in an assisted living facility. An assisted living facility is similar to a retirement home, with a little more freedom. In an assisted living facility, residents are mostly capable of living on their own, yet need some assistance in day to day activities.


So how does medical malpractice occur in an assisted living facility? The nurses and staff in an assisted living facility have a responsibility for everyone who stays there. By simply ignoring a resident in an assisted living home, it can be counted as malpractice, especially if the resident is injured performing a task that someone working at the assisted living facility is suppose to perform. Some residents may need more help due to mobility issues, including things such as getting into the shower, or even using the restroom. Refusing to aid in these activities can clearly have negative effects.

There is also the possibility that some assisted living facilities will do medication management. While it is not a requirement for them to do so, if they do decide to offer it, they have to handle it carefully. Giving too little or too much, or forgetting to give it to a resident at all can cause several issues. Some medications have serious side effects if too much is taken, and some prevent certain symptoms from occurring in residents. This is especially true when it comes to medication used for some mental disabilities, where medication can stop things like a seizure from occurring.

When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility for a loved one, make sure to do your research into them. Find articles and reviews, while looking for any news stories about malpractice lawsuits placed against them. If you know someone living in an assisted living facility, remember to routinely check in on them. Showing up unexpectedly can give you a better view of how the facility really works. If you believe someone you know in an assisted living facility is not being properly taken care of, contact Ward T. Berg to learn how to file a medical malpractice suit on the grounds of negligence. Ward T. Berg has years of experience, and understands how difficult it can be to deal with these kind of situations. He will bring that experience and understanding to your case.