Top Causes Of Boat Accidents

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Living so near to ocean means three things. It means tourists, beach days, and boats. Here in Daytona Beach, we have plenty of all three. And while each three can lead to a fun filled day there are risks involved as well. For this article, we will be focusing on the boating aspect and the potential dangers of it.

  Boating is an age-old tradition from around the world. Rather it was for fishing,  traveling, or for raiding many old world cultures used boats for it. Though they had rather primitive vessels compared to what we have today. They also had sea monsters and sea sirens luring them to their death. Luckily those are two dangers we don’t have to worry about anymore.

  There are other dangers that need to be considered when on the water. Dangers that have caused more than a few boating accidents. While boating can be relaxing or fun-filled it needs to be done. Don’t think because you are off the road you are risk-free. Below we will explore the top causes of boating accidents and how to avoid them.

  Negligence: Much like on the road, negligence is a danger to yourself and anyone around you. One main difference is cars don’t have to worry about what’s beneath the road. While boating there are many things that a boat can collide with beneath the water. Especially for heavier vessels. Taking your eyes off the water for any reason can increase the chances of colliding with a reef. You can also collide with many other items. This including markers, buoys, and even other watercraft.

  High Speeds: The faster you are moving the less time you have to react. It also becomes hard to maneuver your vehicle. If you collide at high speeds its likely to cause injury. The sudden stop can fling passengers to the ground or off the boat completely. While on your vessel you become responsible for their safety. If they get injured while on your ship you are likely to be liable. So control your speed and keep it within acceptable limits.

  Inexperience: How hard can it be to operate a boat? You learn that lesson when on a sinking boat. While it’s not rocket science you do need to know how to operate a boat or ship. This means how to control one, navigate it, and maintain your vessel. Failure to understand any of these can result in issues. If you are inexperienced to boating it is best to stay close to harbor when first venturing out. Trying to do more than you know you can handle can have disastrous results for everyone involved.

  What if you are on the other end of the board? If you are injured by the negligence of the boat operator you need an Daytona Beach boat accident attorney. The boat’s operator must handle your reasonable safety. Make sure you get the compensation you need after suffering an injury on their boat, yacht, or ship. Contact Ward T. Berg today at (386) 409-9004.