Bicycle Accident Attorney – What’s Florida Law?

If you’ve been injured in a bicycling accident, you need a bicycle accident attorney who knows the law. Ward T. berg has been a practicing accident attorney in New Smyrna Beach for over 28 years.

Making new Smyrna Beach a safer place for bicycling is a challenge because so many motorists, cyclists, and policemen are lacking in their knowledge of Florida State Law regarding the legal status of bicycles.

This article is a synopsis of the most important Florida laws governing bicycling. We’ve also included a link to the Florida Department of Transportation with the actual text of the laws.

– Bicycles have the right to use the roads because the law treats them like other vehicles. They’re subject to all the same laws applicable to all other vehicles and those addressing bicycles as well.
(Sections 316.003(2), (10) and 316.2065(1), F.S.)

– Under certain circumstances Bicycles are entitled to full use of the lane.

(Section 316.2065(5) and (6), F.S.)

– Motorists must not stop or park a vehicle on a bicycle lane.

– When riding after sun down, bicycles must have both reflectors and lights . Hand or foot brakes are required. For any rider under the age of 16 helmets are also required .

(Section 316.2065(2), (3), (7), (8), and (14), F.S.)

– Bicycles are not required to do so, but they may use sidewalks.
(Section 316.2065(10) and (11), F.S.)

– Bicyclists must use hand turn signals.
(Sections 316.155(2), (3) and 316.157(1), F.S.)

– Bicyclists must not use earphones or other listening devices.
(Section 316.304(1), F.S.)

– It is unlawful to ride a bicycle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
(Section 316.193, F.S.)

– The bicycle rider shall not follow another vehicle more closely.

– Vehicles passing a bicycle or any other non-motorized vehicle must pass at a distance of at least three (3) feet. When this cannot be done safely, the passing vehicle must change lanes.
(Section 316.083, F.S.)

– When entering a road from a private road or driveway automobile operators must stop and yield to bicycles and pedestrians.
(Section 316.125(2), F.S.)

– Bicyclists must drive in the same direction as traffic. 

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