Boating Accident

What To Do In A Boating Accident

Even though it shows fall on the calendar, Florida weather is still hot and muggy, which makes it perfect for outside activity. This is the exact reason we choose to live in the sunshine state, after all – that year-round access to the waters. We love our boats, but we know all too well how careless some people can be. When out on the waters, carelessness in a boating accident can lead to injuries, some minor, some more extreme. 

You’ll need sound advice if something happens. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’re here to bring you.

Boating Accident/Injury Facts

Specifically to the area of central Florida, there are too many boating accident reports filed every year to ignore how serious the boating accidents are. In 2018, per the *BASR (boating accident statistical report), there were a reported 628 accidents reported and, out of those, 307 resulted in injuries. The injuries ranged from minor, i.e. lacerations, contusions, and broken bones to major, i.e. shock, amputation, neck injury, dislocations, and spinal injuries.

Registered Boats

In the same 2018 report, it states there were 950,740 registered boats in Florida for 2018. We all know not all every vessel will get registered and not all are seaworthy. Out of those registered boats, the number of actual boat owner victims was 125 or 41%. Their occupants accounted for 176 or 57% of the injured. And, while those numbers are down from 2017, they are still staggering. 

Why You Need Representation

If you’re involved in any boating accident, and injured, whether as the driver or occupant, you will need representation. Boating accident cases don’t proceed in the same way as car accident cases. There is a different process, in which a board-certified expert attorney in boating accident cases offers advice. 


When seeking the help of an experienced attorney in boating accidents, contact Ward T Berg. His services are not limited to just recreational boating. His office also handles injuries received from cruise ships, naval vessels or maritime workers.