Auto Accident From Being Cut Off

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It is something we all deal with. We are driving when someone cuts us off. They changed lanes without looking or pulled out without checking for traffic. Regardless it happens the end result is the same. The only thing louder than the screeching tires are the words and gestures we won’t mention.  Most times the worst damage is some increased stress levels. Sometimes we can cause an accident avoiding causing an accident. They pull in front of us and we pull off into a telephone pole. That or we hit another car trying to avoid the car hitting us. Can you blame us for this happening? In most cases no, but we can blame the person who cut you off.

Often times in these situations the blame falls on the person that cut you off. It was their negligence that caused the auto accident. Even if they were not involved in the actual auto accident. As long as you were following the laws of the road, you have a strong defense.

What happens if they cut you off and cause you to ram into them? I’ve had a few close encounters and seen a couple actually happen. The problem is that when you hit someone in front of you, liability points to you at first. It doesn’t mean you are at fault, rather that you need a strong defense.

When driving you are supposed to keep one car length between you and the one in front of you. This gives you plenty of time to react. If you follow this rule and someone moves in front of you it’s not your fault. As long as you get witness statements and any other evidence that you were driving safely.  

If you are involved in an auto accident because someone cut you off, get the right auto accident attorney defending you. The right attorney can form that strong defense you need. Contact Auto Accident Attorney Ward T. Berg at (386) 409-9004.